River Street Sweets® Franchise FAQs

Your Guide to
Sweet Success

Embarking on Your Candy Franchise Journey

What does the River Street Sweets® franchise package include?

As part of our franchise family, you’ll receive comprehensive training for up to two people, including classroom and on-site instruction in Savannah. This will cover our business’s operational, management, and candy-making processes. Additionally, you’ll be given our confidential operations manual for day-to-day business management and benefit from our support during your store’s grand opening.

Is previous candy-making or retail experience required?

Previous candy-making experience is optional to become a franchisee. We welcome enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who enjoy engaging with customers. Our training program is designed to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to manage your candy store successfully.

Financial Investment & Fees

How much does starting a River Street Sweets® franchise cost?

The initial investment for a single start-up location ranges from $419,550 to $844,000, including an initial franchise fee of $40,000, which may be discounted for qualified military veterans.

What ongoing fees will I pay as a franchisee?

Franchisees are required to pay royalties at 5% of gross sales weekly, plus a monthly technology fee of $300. These fees support our ongoing services, product development, marketing, and system improvements.

Will I contribute to advertising fees?

Yes, franchisees contribute up to 2% of weekly gross sales to a collective marketing fund. This fund supports the development of brand-wide marketing strategies and local advertising materials.

Store Setup & Support

How long does opening a River Street Sweets® franchise take?

The process from signing the FDD agreement to opening your store typically takes between three to nine months.

Is there financing available for franchisees?

While we don’t provide direct financing, we can offer references to qualified financial institutions that can assist you with securing financing.

Agreement & Getting Started

What is the length of the overall franchise agreement?

The initial franchise agreement term is ten years, with three subsequent five-year renewal options available.

How do I begin the process of opening my own River Street Sweets® franchise?

To start your sweet venture with us, request more information or contact us at (844)-842-9037 or info@riverstreetsweetsfranchises.com. We’ll guide you through every step of the initial process.

Online Presence & Product Availability

Can I purchase River Street Sweets® candy online?

Absolutely! Our delicious candies are available for purchase at riverstreetsweets.com. or you can visit any of our retail locations to experience our sweets in person.

Unwavering Franchise Support

What kind of support do you offer franchisees?

With decades of family business experience, we provide robust support for your retail candy franchise. Our support includes ongoing consultations, sales strategy development, merchandising guidance, cost control, and purchasing advice. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to run a successful and enjoyable business.

For further inquiries about our support, products, or franchise opportunities, contact us at (844) 842-9037 or info@riverstreetcandyfranchise.com

Join us and become a part of a family that’s been delighting sweet tooths for decades. Let’s create joyful memories and delicious treats together!