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A Tradition of Southern Sweets for Over 46 Years


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    Our Humble Beginnings . . .

    Imagine a world where the sweet aroma of freshly made fudge wafts through cobblestone streets and along riverbanks. This is where the Strickland family began their sweet journey in 1973.

    What started with an eager 11-year-old Tim Strickland at a trade show has blossomed into a Southern legacy known as River Street Sweets®. That magical moment, spurred by the discovery of a fudge pot, ignited a passion for confectionery that continues to burn brightly more than four decades later.

    Ice cream case

    The Sweet Taste of Success

    Our Legacy of Confections

    Pralines on Marble
    World Famous Pralines®

    Our signature offering, known for its irresistible blend of creamy and crunchy textures.

    Salt water taffy
    Saltwater Taffy

    A classic treat, pulled and fashioned into a rainbow of flavors.

    Bright red candy apples
    Peanut Brittle & Pecan Pies

    Each batch is a testament to the time-honored traditions of Southern candy making.

    As our pralines have found their way into the hearts (and stomachs) of millions, we have established ourselves as a cornerstone of the American confectionery landscape. Our unwavering dedication to quality has garnered a loyal following that spans from the Deep South to distant corners of the globe.

    Who LOVES River Street Sweets®?

    Large group of employees

    Our Expansive Reach

    With an enduring foundation on Savannah’s historic River Street, we’ve spread the joy of River Street Sweets® far and wide. Each new store opens its doors to share a piece of our heritage, with over a dozen locations that serve as beacons of down-home Southern hospitality.

    Our family of River Street Sweets® franchise entrepreneurs embodies our values, bringing our unique brand of sweetness to their local communities with pride and enthusiasm.

    Crafting an Experience

    Our Candy Wonderland

    Making carmel apples covered with nuts
    Sensory Delight

    The sight of candy artisans at work is a memory in the making for our guests.

    Store with bright red cabinets and shelves of candy
    Nostalgic Atmosphere

    Each visit is a step back to a time when life’s pleasures were simple and sweet.

    Serving pralines
    Engaging Demonstrations

    Watch in wonder as a praline is perfectly hand-dipped and taffy is stretched to perfection.

    In every store, guests are not merely customers; they’re part of our ongoing story, sharing moments of joy and discovery with every visit.

    Our Commitment to Community

    Mom and daughters in aprons smiling in shop
    Our Heartfelt Contributions:

    Local and National Efforts:

    From neighborhood initiatives to broader causes, our outreach programs are an extension of our core values.

    Charitable Involvement:

    Engaging in service is as much a part of our identity as our World Famous Pralines®.

    Shared Joy:

    We believe that the sweetness of our success is best when used to enrich the lives around us.

    Our family understands that a strong community is the bedrock of a thriving business. We cherish our role as local supporters and global ambassadors of goodwill.

    Why River Street Sweets®?

    A Partnership in Sweetness

    Legacy of Expertise

    With our extensive history in the candy business, franchise owners inherit a wealth of knowledge.

    Thriving Industry

    The candy industry’s robust market is ripe with opportunities for spirited entrepreneurs.

    Shared Happiness

    There’s a unique satisfaction in bringing smiles to faces with products made from the heart.

    Becoming a franchise owner with us means embracing a business model that brings as much joy to the owners as it does to the guests.

    Join Our Sweet Family

    At River Street Sweets®, we extend a warm invitation to those who aspire to be a part of a brand that transcends the ordinary. A place where the craft of candy-making becomes a way of life. We are more than a company. . .
    We are a family that’s growing, one sweet moment at a time.

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    Become part of a sweet narrative that’s as delightful as the confections we create. At River Street Sweets®, every piece of candy crafted is a chapter in our shared story of Southern sweetness.